Summer mixed age class, Twist and Turn
Tues. and Thur. mornings 9:30-10:15 at SRBAA

Smoke Rise Baptist Academy of Arts
5901 Hugh Howell Rd. Stn. Mtn. 30087
Parkview Church Harvest Kids Room
4875 Lilburn Stone Mtn. Rd., Lilburn  30047


Welcome to  Miss Ginger's Musikgarten! I'm glad you are considering music classes for your child.  Research shows that we are all born with an aptitude for music. Nurturing that aptitude is the emphasis of Musikgarten classes. 

Each class helps to develop the child’s music ability by engaging him in singing and movement activities which help attune the ear, refine the voice, and develop a rhythmic body through which music can be expressed. Instrumental activities are part of the program , ranging from rhythm sticks, shakers and drums to playing keyboards for older children.

Musikgarten is the only program that offers curricula for newborns through group piano instruction. It is based on a keen understanding of how children learn, in both a general sense and, specifically, how they learn music.  I am thrilled to use a curriculum that so thoroughly engages the child at his or her developmental potential.

Here are a few words from class members:

     "I'm super very excited to go to the zoo!", Arjun-three (Tucker, GA) during Circus Fun lesson in Cycle of Seasons class.

     "I like Miss Ginger's songs.", Clare -two (Lilburn, GA) during Nimble and Quick mixed age class.

     As you familiarize yourself with our class offerings and learn more about Musikgarten, I look forward to answering your questions and welcoming your family into my music classes.

Ginger Tankersley –Musikgarten instructor 

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 We had a great time last June in my mixed age class, Nimble and Quick.  There were many Mother Goose rhymes, songs and beautiful classical selections that we sang,danced and played to.  It was delightful to have siblings in the same class interpreting the music activities at their own levels.
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